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The program of the Olympic Games has 33 sports, 52 disciplines and 400 events. For example, the fight is a summer Olympic sport, including two disciplines: Greco-Roman and free. It is divided in fourteen events for men and four events for women. These events are dileneated weight categories. The Olympic Games comprises 26 sports, (Poptropica) while the Winter Olympic sports 7. Athletics, swimming, fencing, artistic gymnastics and is the only summer sports that are never absent from the Olympic program. Cross country skiing, figure skating, ice hockey, Nordic combined, ski jumping and speed skating are presented at all Olympic Winter Games program since its inception in 1924. Current Olympic sports such as badminton, basketball and volleyball, the first time in the program as a demonstration sport, and were later promoted to full Olympic sport. Some sports that have appeared in previous games were subsequently removed from the program.

Olympic sports are governed by international sports federations (IFS) recognized by the IOC as the global monitoring of this sport. There are 35 organizations represented in the IOC. There are sport recognized by the IOC, which are not included in the Olympic program. These sports are not Olympic sports, but they can be promoted to this status in a program that occurs during the evaluation of the first session of the IOC after the celebration of the Olympic Games. During these reviews, sports may be excluded or included in the program based on a two-thirds majority vote of IOC Poptropica members . It is recognized that the sport is never on the Olympic program in any capacity. Some of them include tug of war, chess, golf, surfing .

In October and November 2004, the IOC has a committee of the Olympic program, which focused on the Olympic sports on the program and all non-Olympic sports. The aim was to provide a systematic approach to program for each Olympic Games celebration. The Commission has seven criteria for assessing whether a sport should be included in the Olympic program. These criteria are the history and tradition of the sport, universality, popularity of the sport's image, the health of athletes, the development of the International Federation for the sport, and the cost of keeping this sport. In this study, five recognized sport emergence as a candidate for inclusion in the Olympic Games of 2012: golf, karate, rugby, roller sports and squash Poptropica. These two sports by the IOC Executive Board and then to the general meeting in Singapore in July 2005. Of the five sports recommended that only two were selected as finalists: squash and karate. Neither the sport reached two-thirds majority, and so they are not promoted to the Olympic program.

The 114th IOC session in 2002, limited the program of the Summer Games to a maximum of 28 sports, 301 events and 10,500 athletes. Three years later, during the 117th IOC Session, the first major program, which led to the exclusion of baseball and softball from the official London Games in 2012. If no agreement in the promotion of two other "Poptropica " sports, the 2012 26 sports.


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