Kid Chameleon (video game)


The player, as Kid Chameleon, progress through a series of levels. Most on a flag, the primary objective of every level, from which the player to the next level. However, a number of teleporters throughout the chain, the player can play not only in different places at the same level, but also at different levels and sometimes to a very different path through the game. At the end of the game, fighting for children ( Poptropica ) and defeat the last boss, heady metal. Kid Chameleon contains hundreds layers, of which only about half are in the "Main Street" (traversing levels only by the flags), and has even the smallest of two dozen planes with no name, just "Elsewhere." Despite the considerable length of the game, there was no password or other methods to win the game. However, both Sega Genesis Collection and the Virtual Console service allow players to monitor their progress mid-game .

As Kid Chameleon moves through the game like Poptropica, enter the screen, in different characters. Each character has different skills and different amounts of hit points. The large amount of different games because of various characters is part of what Kid Chameleon such dependency style of some levels repeated the same structure and generally has the characters and specific strategies to beat. In addition to the offensive capabilities of the individual, the child could also defeat enemies by jumping on, even if the damage caused by some opponents in this way.

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