Peggy Cooper Cafritz Personal Information

Peggy Cooper Cafritz Personal Information

Born in April 7, 1947, and transferred, and the Arab League; Algernon's daughter, Gladys Johnson (Mouton (Cooper; married Conrad Cafritz, 21 December 1981; children: two; primary custody of the six other children
Education: George Washington University, and Library of Alexandria, 1968, Ph.D. 1971; and the Woodrow Wilson Center for International researchers, and colleagues, 1972.
Politics: Democrat.

(Options): The Commission for the capital and the Arts, Chairman, 1979-87; Washington Performing Arts Society, 1983; Registry / Faulkner Foundation's Board of Directors, 1985-88; National Jazz Service Organization, 1985 -; the Kennedy Center for the Arts, the Board of Trustees, 1987; Smithsonian Cultural Education Committee, and Chairman from 1989 - and the Chairman of the Commission on the Arts and Humanities, and after 1994.


Workshops for Careers in the Arts Washington, DC, co-founder, 1968; Duke Ellington School and Fine Arts, Washington, DC, founders, developers, funds, 1968 -; the capital of Art Committee, the Chairman of the Executive Committee of .1969-74; after Newsweek Stations Company, assistant to the president, 1970s; cultural minorities of the project, Exec. Dir, 1977-79; WETA TV (Channel 26), Washington, DC, and critics and Art, 1986 -. District of Columbia Board of Education, the President, 2000 -.

Working life

Peggy Cooper Cafritz is a prominent community activist in Washington, DC, who has been elected Chairman of the District of Columbia Board of Education in 2002. Cooper Cafritz is important for the leadership of the Council's mandate to improve the poor performance, problems with schools in the region. Known in the Washington area, as the founder of the Duke Ellington School of the Arts, and secondary school for students who wish to pursue a career in music, theater, dance and visual arts, or museum studies. "Ellington outside the field." Enthusiastic in an interview with Ebony Richette L. Haywood in 1996.

Cooper Cafritz was born on 7 April 1947, in Mobile, Alabama, daughter of Algernon and Gladys Cooper. Access to Washington, DC, to attend George Washington University in 1964 and obtained a degree in political science after four years. In the Faculty of Law at the University itself, and become involved in arts education in this city, in the early stage of the project that is designed with dance and Mike Malone, that holds workshops for students interested in the follow-up career in the arts. After completing this project, Cooper Cafritz said the city should be in high school art, which is based on the concept of institutions such as New York City School for the Arts, and in the famous series of television and film celebrities.

At the end of the 1960s, Cooper Cafritz began collecting what will reach about 6 million of voluntary contributions, and ensure the District of Columbia school board, which agreed to provide additional support through taxes. Duke Ellington School of the Arts opened the door in 1974 for most minority students from a number of the city difficult. As in the Cooper Cafritz Ebony, "I want to be children in school and no other opportunity, and a very talented, and can learn and develop into artists and intelligent." Rent a strange role in the film's famous buried, and actress and dancer Debbie Allen, who both appeared in film and television versions, and Ellington is the first dance teachers.

In the early 1970s Cooper Cafritz, led by the Executive Committee of the capital city of the arts, and is a Fellow of the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, a research institute of social and human sciences run by the Smithsonian Institution. At that time, is smaller than to accept that status. In 1973 was appointed to the Executive Committee of the District of Columbia Board of Higher Education, whose mission is to oversee the process of integration between the federal city of Washington, and the College of Teachers. The Foundation, which was then at the end of the day that the University of District of Columbia.

For some time in the 1970s, Cooper Cafritz has also served as special assistant to the president after the end of the station's Newsweek, which is based in the District of Columbia, and work programs and executive producer of television documentaries WTOP in Washington. From 1977-79, led by minority cultural project founded by singer Harry Belafonte and Pittsburgh public radio, which provides a new forum, and also forgot the book. For several years Cooper Cafritz review appears in the Arts "in the City" TV show on WETA in Washington. Involvement in many other institutions and continue at both the federal and local level, involving the National Assembly State Arts Board, and the PEN / Faulkner Foundation to the National Jazz Service Organization, the Association of Art and Washington. He was also named to the BOARD of TRUSTEES of the Kennedy Center for the Arts in 1987, and after 1989 and has been jointly led by the Smithsonian Institution cultural equity committee, which aims to achieve greater diversity in museums, exhibitions and programs, as well as among the employees.

Cooper Cafritz in the presidential election from the District of Columbia Board of Education in 2000, the campaign on a platform calling for serious reform of the vulnerable. "People in this town that has a lot to bring to the table is not running," he said to the decision in an interview with The Washington Times writer T. Marilyn Johnson. "I feel I have to do that." Although it is known to his country he was the ideal leader to help reform what has become one of the countries worst schools in urban areas.

Cooper Cafritz, won the election, and has published many skills during the two years to complete the budget crisis and the fight that plagued province's political and management and supervisors. Articles in The Washington Times by Deborah Simmons figures on Cooper Cafritz and challenges faced. "There is no doubt that it is easy to criticize the school board Cafritz, but difficult to challenge Mrs. Cafritz, who can not be purchased by the trade union groups and other special," said Simmons. "Even in the power of Washington, and speed of communication and control of the fight, even rude, and stubborn - and find themselves forced to take a deep breath and deal with them in the war in the capital in school reform." With a long list in resonance with the parents, with the Cooper Cafritz opposition in efforts to re-election to the presidency of the Council of Government schools in 2002, although it failed to gain support from the mayor, and won the last two years.

Cooper Cafritz Conrad Cafritz married in 1981, and two children. He also took custody and guardianship of the six other children. Ellington, the school is still growing after almost three decades in the process, and among the graduates, the soprano Denyce graves and comedian Dave Chappell. More than 90% of graduates go on to university. Schools and students receive the same per dollar amount of capital and secondary schools, but the richness of the program will continue to need funding the campaign, and Cooper Cafritz and help increase the $ 1 million per year for the Ellington School endowment fund. Ebony also said he is Ellington, where the teenage "dream so big that they actually, and I have to pay these children is difficult, the poor and illiterate families, usually in a few technical Arenas is the best in the United States .


Options: John Rockefeller, the International Youth Award 1972, President of the Republic Medal for outstanding public service, and the Catholic University in 1974, in New York, the Black Film Festival Award 1976, George Foster Peabody award excellence in television, 1976; Mayor of Arts Advocacy Award in 1991.

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