Ringback tones for phone

Exchange of capital that were found Free Ringback Tones when recording and receiving circuits attached to the line and send a tone to indicate readiness. Talking on the phone and called the party, and then press the button on the order in accordance with the number of students. Button associated with the sound generator, a DTMF tone will be sent to the stock market. The rotary pulse telephone contact to send the electrical pulses in accordance with the phone and exchange of information.

(Most exchanges are for the treatment of carotid communication) and with the assumption that the called party line is no longer active, or "Group", and the exchange of tapping intermittently send a signal (usually more than 100 V, C) the parties are called to call. " Ringback Tones " If the called party line is active, and the replacement of reference sent by Dawa party. However, if the called party line is active, but waiting for the floor installation, and exchange between the audio tone and send called party to indicate an incoming call.

If the phone is still not active, Free Ringback Tones or from a corner, "and warning system is connected to a knowledgeable in all lines, which prevents DC current flow through the phone line from the capital, with the invention of the current flow, so that the phone broke down only in the electrical line . If the invitation to launch this line, with a ringing signal that will activate the device for exchange, and a warning line when called party picks up the phone, warning systems and separate relationship switchhook for voice services. resistance is now low, so the DC current flow through the line , which confirms that the call is active at this time all the mobile phone to be active and connected through the exchange of the parties to speak, during the second phone still off the Hook. If the party is "waiting" when he returned to the cradle of the device or hook, DC current flow stops in this line, which shows the call to cut rates.

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