free ringback tones

Traditional fixed phone lines, Free Ringback Tones also known as the "plain old telephone service (Pot), which refers to the second deals with information and audio on the same twisted pair of insulated conductors from the phone. Although originally designed for voice and data system does not change, such as communication through telex, fax and Internet communications. detection equipment consists of a bell, and contacts, and in the light or other means to notify the user to an incoming call, the number of buttons or rotary dial phone numbers for outgoing calls. twisted pair in favor of the line, it is better to reject electromagnetic interference (Eurostat), and each solution, as a pair.

Associated with the wish to talk with the other party picks up the phone to the phone, " Free Ringback Tones " and then on the button or switch to "switchhook", and the phone, which operates in the country or "off the Hook", which links to (microphone) and recipient (speaker) and follow the related sound. Circuit, the resistance of a small (less than 300 ohms), the capital at this time (48 V nominal), and the flow of the phone. Exchange of capital that were found when recording and receiving circuits attached to the line and send a tone to indicate readiness. Free Ringback Tones

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