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Motorcycle Insurance And Riding Safety Tips
Motorcycle Insurance company progressive gives you the councils d' a good on motor cycles and a road s3curity. Can' ; do T wait, to strike the road your new bicycle? Not so quickly! Even of Veteranen-Radfahrer could use basic training, s' they engage bicycles (NAPSI) - that which also always marked that phrases " ; it' ; S precisely want bike" ; to go up; probably motor cycles never geschaltene. That' ; S, because of Mitfahrer even tested can be vascillants enough, s' they did not trust bicycle on a hop, in accordance with data of the country' ; insurers of motor cycle s-größter, gradually.

L' study of almost 2 million policies of motor cycle over one five years period found qu' it is necessary more probably to run up against Mitfahrer which engages bicycles, almost 70 percent as Mitfahrer which holds the same bicycle. " ; The majority of the people already know that to go up for new cyclists can be particularly dangerous, " ; Above-mentioned Rick-Heck, a director of progressive product of motor cycle which Mitfahrer is also. " ; But our data independently show which it is less intimate than, him with your bicycle, him, in a fixing which is more probable, your experience." ; one includes; L' study as found as kreuzermitfahrer of cruiser, engage Sportfahrrädern, must be run up more probably three-and-a-halfmal. That' ; S more qu' a risk doubles the they' ; Cd have, s' they had with another cruiser geschalten right.

The sport cyclist, can reduce d' a share its risk by moreover one third, to precisely engage some with a cruiser. " ; We wish of Mitfahrer tested their risks know, therefore they can d' other measures of precaution, s' they replace their bicycles, " ; to take; above-mentioned tail. " ; It' ; good idea S. - A., so that from Mitfahrer remove their new bicycle for some orders d' test in a parking space, before that road." opened; one strikes; Even people who are assembled for years, can practise bases on their new bicycle, the tail, said including going up slow, turning, a shift and the deviation and a speed in Panikstoppen to profit.

It does not matter that your level of l' experiment--on your bicycle and the road--you' place; surely; Cover Re with a policy of motor cycle which installs your needs. Progress offers covers like l' interruption of voyage which can cover your housing, l' food and a transport, if you receive on the road angeschwemmt, and rests it total loss top which can replace your bicycle by a new bright burning coal s' it' ; S stolen or high.

How To Handle A Car Insurance Claim In A Snap

Your car insurance claim doesn't have to be a hassle. Learn how Progressive car insurer can handle your insurance claim quickly with it's simple process.

(NAPSI)-An accident can take seconds to occur, but if your car is damaged, managing the repair process can take days. From reporting the claim and getting a rental car to choosing a repair shop, it's a lot of work and really, who has the time?

Fortunately, drivers with a claim have other options. For example, leading car insurer Progressive offers its customers a concierge level of claims service that takes care of the entire process from beginning to end.

Here's how the process works:

• Make an appointment at your convenience to drop off your car at a Progressive concierge service center. In around 15 minutes, an expert claims representative will check you in, look over the damages with you and start your claim. If you'd like, a rental car will be waiting for you (policy coverage varies).

• When you drive off, the claims representative prepares your repair estimate and sends your car to an auto body shop that has met Progressive's strict quality requirements.

• The Progressive claims representative will keep you updated throughout the process.

• When the work is finished, the vehicle is returned to the service center where your representative inspects the quality of repairs.

• Once satisfied with the repairs, the service center calls you to schedule a pickup. When you pick up your car, the claims representative will go over the repairs with you.The repairs are guaranteed by both Progressive and the body shop for as long as you own or lease the vehicle.

This optional concierge service is available at no charge to Progressive customers and anyone involved in a claim with a Progressive customer. There are 54 Progressive service centers countrywide.

For more information, visit

An accident can take seconds to occur, but if your car is damaged, managing the repair process can take days.

Understanding Car Insurance Coverage

(NAPSI)-Each year, millions of Americans prepare their vehicles for winter's inclement weather and treacherous travel conditions. Unfortunately, many do so without a key element-the certainty of whether or not their auto insurance policy protects them for any unexpected accidents they might encounter along the way.

A survey commissioned by Allstate-in conjunction with the introduction of the Good Hands® Coverage Checkup, a checklist provided by Allstate agents to help review consumers' car insurance policy limits-indicated that approximately 60 percent of respondents are not confident they understand their car insurance coverage.

Confidence Gap

More than 40 percent of consumers first answered that they were not confident in their understanding of their auto insurance coverage. However, after being quizzed on specific incidents such as hitting a deer and crashing after a tire blowout, the number of respondents who admitted they weren't confident rose significantly-to nearly 60 percent.

"When the unexpected occurs, the difference between hoping you're protected and knowing you are is crucial," said Lisa Cochrane, vice president of marketing, Allstate. "That's where Allstate's network of more than 14,000 agencies can help consumers feel confident in their coverage."

Additional survey findings included:

• It's All in a Name

A higher percentage of respondents who know their insurance agent's name feel more confident in their knowledge of their auto insurance policies than those who don't have an agent or don't know the agent's name.

• The Great Equalizer

Prior to being polled on accident-specific questions, 70 percent of men were confident they understood what their insurance coverage includes, compared to just 50 percent of women. Following the questions, men dropped to a 50 percent level and women to a 33 percent mark.

Coverage Checkup

Allstate developed its Good Hands® Coverage Checkup to help consumers review their current auto insurance policy limits and identify where they may need more coverage or less. An invaluable checklist the company's agents can provide-the checkup is free for all consumers, regardless of their insurance carrier-takes just 15 minutes, can help uncover gaps in coverage limits that could expose a consumer to financial risk and points out available discounts and savings.

To learn more or to locate an Allstate agent near you to complete a Good Hands® Coverage Checkup, visit or call 800-ALLSTATE.

Using Your Personal Vehicle For Business?

(NAPSI)-Not all auto insurance is the same. A personal auto insurance policy generally won't cover damage to your car if you're using it for business purposes.

Even if your personal policy has "business-use" coverage, you may find yourself at a loss when an accident happens, especially if your liability limits are not high enough to cover the damage. Make sure you're protected.

Call your insurance company or independent agent and ask these questions:

• How do you define "commercial use"? Some insurers may simply define it as transporting goods for compensation or a fee. That could include services like:

• pizza and newspaper delivery;

• catering;

• door-to-door consulting services;

• landscaping or snowplowing services; or

• day care/church van services.

Even real estate agents may qualify. Fall into one of these categories? Consider a commercial vehicle policy.

Here are some questions to ask to determine if commercial auto insurance is right for you.

• What are my liability limits? In general, a commercial auto policy can offer higher liability limits. Larger vehicles, such as delivery vans, can cause more damage than passenger cars.

• Does my personal policy cover me for issues specific to my business? For example, if you have a trailer that damages another vehicle while on a job, a personal liability policy may not cover the repairs. A commercial policy will.

• Do I have employees who drive my vehicles? In general, if other people drive your vehicles for work, you need a commercial auto policy.

You also need a commercial auto policy if your vehicle hauls tools or equipment weighing more than 500 pounds, makes deliveries or requires filings for interstate for for-hire trucking businesses.

An independent insurance agent can help you better understand business needs and put together a package that meets your needs. Find an agent at

Want to learn more about the differences between personal and commercial auto insurance policies? Visit

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