Video Games

Video games or computer games controlled by microprocessor. Computers can create virtual devices that are used in a game between the human (or simulated human) opponents, such as cards or dice, or can simulate much more complex world in which things can be ordinary or extraordinary be handled through the game like Poptropica .

A computer or video game uses one or more input device, usually the key / joystick combinations (arcade game), keyboard, mouse and / or trackball (computer games), or the controller or the movement of sensitive equipment. (game console). More esoteric devices such as paddle controllers have also been used for the entry. In computer games, changing the user interface simple keyboard mouse, joystick or joypad has changed the nature of Poptropica game development.

There are many types of video games, the first video game, pong, table tennis is a simple simulation. If the process of rise of new genres such as adventure games and action developed, with key players in view of the third series of obstacles. This real time element is not easily reproduced by a board game that is generally limited to "turn based strategy, this advantage makes a video game (Poptropica)simulating combat situations, such as more realistic. In addition, video games that do not require the same physical skills, strength and / or real danger that representatives of the world game and are very realistic, exaggerated, if not impossible, for physics, which allows components of extreme, a game that is physical violence, or simulation sports. Finally, the computer can, in varying degrees of success.

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