How does cancer cause signs and symptoms?

How to cause cancer, signs and symptoms?

Cancer symptoms is a group of diseases that can cause no symptoms or some of the signature. Signs and symptoms of cancer depend on when and how big, and will affect the number of organs or tissue nearby. If the cancer has spread (the body), and symptoms can appear in different parts of the body.

As the cancer grows, it can preserve the document for the start of the device, and blood vessels, and nerves. This pressure to make some of the signs and symptoms of cancer. If the cancer was in critical areas, such as some parts of the brain, and even the smallest tumor can cause symptoms at an early date.

But sometimes the cancer starts in a place will not cause any symptoms until the grown very large. Pancreatic cancer, for example, usually do not grow to be large enough to see from outside the body. Some pancreatic cancers do not cause symptoms until the start of growth in all parts of the neighboring nerves (this causes the back). Others grow around the bile duct, and stop the flow of bile. This causes yellowing of the eyes and skin called jaundice. At the time that pancreatic cancer causes these signs or symptoms, usually in an advanced stage. ( Cancer symptoms ) This means that it has grown and spread beyond where it started - the pancreas

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