Games History

Performance of the various forms of interactive electronic devices use the principles of the game. The first example is from 1947, a cathode ray tube entertainment device "by Thomas T. on 25 January 1947 a patent was submitted for the Junior and Estle Ray jeweler agreed, and 14 December 1948 as published in the U.S. Patent 2455992 was.

That a user is a vector to the target picture on the screen are fixed on a missile had been fired on the screen simulation designed to control allows the device to an analog radar displays , inspired by.

Other early examples include: ( Poptropica games )

Nimrod 1951 computer festival in the UK
Alexander S by a tick Oxo - tac toe computer game for the EDSAC in 1952 by Douglas
Tennis for two, an interactive game designed in 1958 by William Higinbotham
Spacewar!, MIT students Martin Graetz, Steve Russell wrote, and Wayne Wiitanen a DEC PDP-1 computer -1961 has passed.
Every game means different visualizació used: Nimrod Nim's game for a light panel uses OXO-toe - to play tic tac use a graphical display two tennis for an oscilloscope used to display a side view of the tennis court, and Spacewar! Use of DEC's PDP -1 vector performance for two spaceships battle each other.
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